My Favourite Books

I’m frequently asked who my favourite authors are. It’s a tough question, because there are so many writers I admire.

In the adult market Sarah Waters (Affinity, Fingersmith), Jennifer Egan (The Keep), Martin Davies (The Conjuror’s Bird), Joolz Denby (Billy Morgan) and Bernard Cornwell (Lords of the North) keep me entertained and thoughtful.

In the young adult market (where my own books are categorized) I admire Robert Westall who was a genius at conjuring up compelling characters and fast-paced plots. He mixed adventure with genuinely heart-breaking tragedy to create unforgettable books that deserve to be read again and again.

There’s also Maggie Prince who hooks the reader from the first page, and doesn’t let go. Her believable heroines have great adventures amidst a rich cast of unique and fascinating characters.

I also admire a lot of Catherine Fisher’s work, especially her fantastic YA novel Corbenic which is a modern and utterly brilliant take on the Grail legend.

And finally Mary Hooper weaves magic with words, and I couldn’t put down her Great Plague novel At the Sign of the Sugared Plum.